Our Vision:

Together with our country, our region, our local people, our employees, our investors, and our stakeholders; to become a world-class natural resource company aiming to transform the underground ore into the earth as a surplus value.

Our Mission:

Add value, make a difference!

To make a difference with the importance we attach to both mining and our stakeholders with our goal of sustainable environment and development by making people and the environment our priority throughout our operation period.

Our Values:

Common values constitute the foundation of Aldridge Culture. These common values are;

Accountability: We execute our tasks with the deep understanding of our accountability towards Company goals, our commitment towards enhancing the nearby social context, and achieving exemplary environmental stewardship.

Honesty: We value the power of honesty in reaching successful outcomes. All internal and external communications/dialogues are based on the value of honesty.

Teamwork: Individual successes in are important in achieving personal goals. However, we believe in the power of collective thinking, planning, and executing. We constantly promote open discussions of ideas and execution through Team Work in achieving our Company goals.

Transparency: From our employees to our stakeholders, our business model to our operations: transparency is a fundamental value that extends to all facets of interaction at Aldridge, internally and externally. All information related to Aldridge are shared openly with our employees and our stakeholders for collaboration and cooperation within the guidelines of Confidentiality.

Community Involvement: We strongly believe that we have the power to bring positive and measurable change to both the communities in which we operate. We also believe in order for the social context enhancement to be achieved in a sustainable manner, tri-partnership with community, local state agencies, and us is essential. Accordingly, we are proud to have formed a partnership with the Governor’s office to work in partnership with the communities to achieve communities’ sustainable goals.

Health and Safety: We value the well-being of people above all. Our Health and Safety goals are not limited within the project boundaries but also extends to our contractors, suppliers and nearby communities through partnership with community leaders.

Environmental Stewardship: We acknowledge the risks associated with our operations to to our surrounding environment. Accordingly, we implement the sound and sustainable measures not only to mitigate the associated risks but also implement measures to enhance the surrounding environment during our operations.