Yenipazar Property


The Yenipazar Property is approximately 100 square kilometres in area and is located at the geographic center of Turkey. It is approximately 200 kilometres east-southeast of Ankara, the capital city, and is easily accessible via public roads and has good access to rail transportation and electrical power supply.

Yenipazar Location Map

The Yenipazar Project is a polymetallic volcanogenic massive sulphide (“VMS”) body that hosts a gold-silver-copper-lead-zinc mineral deposit within the Yenipazar Property. It has a currently determined strike length of at least 1,700 metres averaging 200 metres in width and approximately 20 metres in thickness at depths between 30 and 190 metres. Much of the ore body is sitting at a depth of approximately 50 to 120 metres. The Yenipazar Project includes approximately 9.5 square kilometres of land within the project fence line.

Results of the Yenipazar Optimization Study

Aldridge announced the results of the Optimization Study on April 15, 2014. The press release is available here.

Additional Information

Resource Estimate: Please refer to the Company’s news release dated November 26, 2012 available here.

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